To Lease or not to Lease?

This is comommonly thought about when purchasing a new car. Most people go ahead and buy because they don’t know the facts about leasing and they believe they are losing money. When in reality they are actually saving money and have many more options. Here are a few reasons why leasing may be better than buying:

1. Your payments are lower than if you were to buy; every new car or truck depreciates–goes down in value–as soon as you drive it off  the lot, and continues to depreciate with age and as you add miles to it. Lease payments cover only the portion of the vehicle’s value that you use during the time you drive it–the depreciation–not its entire cost.

2. Depending on how long a person’s lease is and the mileage, you may be covered my manufacturer warranty, bumper to bumper; Most people like to lease for a term that coincides with the length of the manufacturer’s warranty coverage so that if something goes wrong with the car, the repairs are always covered.

3.Differnet options once your lease runs up, a person could walk away from it completely, lease another vehicle, or even buy it;  With leasing, the headaches of selling a used car are eliminated. When your lease ends, you simply turn it back to the leasing company and walk away, unless you decide to buy it or trade it. Since your monthly payments are lower, you get more car for the same money and drive a new vehicle every two to four years, depending on the term length of your leases.

Next time you are in the marekt for a new vehicle check out the leasing program, it might just be the option for you!

Tab for the Cab – New Year’s 2010

Celebrating New Year’s?  Russ Briggs and Briggs Auto want to make sure that everyone has a happy and safe holiday — So we would like to pick up your tab for the cab on New Year’s Eve.

Save this number in your phone:


and call us on New Year’s between 8pm and 2am to get a free ride home from any public bar or restaurant in Manhattan, Lawrence, Topeka, or Junction City.  Click here for details.

Lawrence Welcomes Newest Edition to the Briggs Auto Family

Lawrence welcomed the Briggs Auto Group expansion to its business family on October, 1st 2010.  They are located in the former Jim Clark facility at 29th and Iowa in Lawrence.  They welcome everyone to the store to meet the new faces.  Jim Clark was in the Lawrence community for over 50 years serving their customer with 100% customer satisfaction.  The Briggs Family is going be striving to continue that same satisfaction to their customers.

Customer Purchases 40th Vehicle from DEL Motors

Sandy and Pam Popovich with D.E. Lacer

Special thanks to Sandy and Pam Popovich of Junction City for purchasing their 40th vehicle from DEL Motors

DEL Motors Voted Number One

In a recent survey conducted by The Daily Union, DEL Motors has been voted number one used car dealer in both service and sales in Junction City.  Thank you to all of our customers who have helped make this possible.  We will continue to strive for 100% customer satisfaction and look forward to seeing you in the future.

GM Service Manager Earns Mark of Excellence

Gary Edgar, GM service manager at Briggs Auto Lane, earned the GM Mark of Excellence for his achievements in 2009. Congratulations!

Print your free Heartland Park tickets

The online ticketing system is now up and running to print your two free HPT tickets courtesy of and Heartland Park Topeka. To be eligible for tickets, you must have purchased a new or pre-owned vehicle from Briggs (any location) since January 1, 2009.

If you forgot to indicate during the purchase process that you’d like to receive this customer reward, please call your sales professional and ask him or her to check the HPT Season Tickets membership in your Customer Details. Once that’s complete, you can use the last five digits of your VIN to login and print your tickets.

Your tickets are valid for three seasons from date of purchase.

Printing your tickets

  1. Click on the HPT button at the top of
  2. Enter the last 5 digits of your VIN.
  3. Click the “Purchase” button (note: you will not be charged)
  4. Select an event from the list.
  5. Enter a quantity in the box (up to 2).
  6. Verify your shopping cart contents. Complete the “Ticket Holder” fields with the names of the guests attending. These will print on your tickets.
  7. Complete checkout (you will not be charged).  Create a PIN to print tickets later or to share with a friend.
  8. Purchase confirmed (you will not be charged). Click “Print Tickets Now.”
  9. Print tickets using your browser window. Choose File>Print or Ctrl+P to bring up your printer options and print from your browser.

 View instructions in full detail.

Login trouble? Please check the following:

  • Did you enter the last five of your VIN correctly?
  • Did you purchase your vehicle after 1/1/2009?
  • Did you tell your sales professional you want to receive our HPT Rewards Program? (If not, please call your sales professional to sign up. Please allow up to 7 business days for processing and for your login to become available.)
  • Did you purchase your vehicle with a co-buyer (such as a spouse, family member, etc.)? If so, please call your Briggs dealership to ensure the primary buyer has been enrolled in the program.
  • If you still experience problems, please call your Briggs dealership for assistance.

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